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Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairy  Tattoo DesignsFairy tattoo design on the back of the girl's body, these tattoos are made with techniques that not all of the tattoo artist can airbrush techniques.

Flower tattoos can be beautiful

Flower tattoos can be beautiful, feminine and can have a variety of meanings. For instance, the Lilly is the symbol of purity and to some, erotic love. While the lotus flower is a symbol of good fortune, peace and re-birth.

Tattoo Designs of Stars

Tattoo Designs StarsTattoo designs of stars are a great choice for woman or men. The star is a univeral symbol and can mean different things for many people. Star tattoos, although usually small, can be very striking and powerful symbols. There are so many varieties to choose from... where do you start? Here is some advice on how to go about finding your perfect star tattoo.

Rib Tattoos Remove Tramp

Tattoos, designAlmost as soon as the derogatory, sexually humiliating term “tramp stamp” reared women with lower back tattoos began getting tattoo removal and trading in their tainted tattoos for new sexy rib tattoos that crawl up the side of their bodies.
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