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Animal tattoo Gallery

Animal tattoo GalleryA beautiful young woman with flawless figure and sexy curves if often inked on one’s body. It reflects youthful rebelliousness and at the same time – sweet seduction of a mature woman.

Cool alien tattoos

alien tattoosGet a full back alien tattoo today it would have to be the hot alien chick from species in her human form.

Tattoo flowers the girl's body

Tattoo flowers the girl's bodyTattoo flowers in the back of the girl's body, Lower back tattoos are really been caught on in the female loops, owing not only to the eroticism related to it but also the feminine force that it depicts. Peeping out the floral tattoo design makes a woman look damn sexy and sensuous.

Butterfly and Stars tattoo

Butterfly tattoo, Stars tattooButterfly and Stars tattoo design. Since the butterfly represents beauty, growth and free-spiritedness in the various phases of life, such tattoos are a huge hit among women.

Body Back Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs. This one is good for any site of the body with enough area.


Bridal Tattoo Trouble DesignBridal Tattoo Trouble Design, Sometimes a tattoo can be a matter of concern before the wedding, especially if your in-laws are a bit conservative.

Tattoo Wedding Rings

Tattoo Wedding RingsTattoo Wedding Rings
lternative tattoo wedding rings. These were a commissioned project , made from 18 carat White Gold and featuring a special "tattoo" design which is actually a copy of the brides own tattoo

Butterfly tattoo the stencil finishing

When finished adhering the stencil, it should be cleaned up. Grasp it with a set of medical tongs and hold it in the ultrasonic tank for a few seconds, then wash it good under the faucet. It then should be dried with a paper towel and then filed away.

Full Body Back Tattoo Designs

Body Back Tattoo DesignsThis is a figure of Chinese mythology, traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings.
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