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Body Art - Tattoo Designs

Body Art,Tattoo DesignsSee that you do not compromise on the shape, size and pattern of the tattoo design, due to any reason at all, for then you are bound to regret getting it done in the first place.

Body Art,Tattoo Designs

Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine
The Neuma Hybrid Tattoo Machine ($400) might be the first to look as good as the body art it's used to create. Made from anodized aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and other plastics and rubber, the Neuma Hybrid features optimized air flow for better torque and higher speeds, variable stroke length, a variable cushioning armature, a stunning design, and more.


tattoo wedding ringsAlternative tattoo wedding rings from Stephen Einhorn made from 18 carat White Gold and featuring a special "tattoo" design which is actually a copy of the brides own tattoo.
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