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Temporary Tattoo Kit

Tattoo Kit,toolProduct name: Air Brush Kit AS186K-1
Type: AS186K-1
Brand: HSENG
Provide OEM service
Our airbrush compressor AS186, together with all kind of airbrushes, can be widely
used in craftwork spraying, cosmetics, tanning, hobbies/models, fingernail painting,
and general airbrushing. A perfect airbrush kit for all kind of airbrush art!

Ink tattoo

Ink tattooSell Airbrush Nail Ink (JFH), Golden phoenix airbrush nail inks are water based. Each type of ink is guaranteed to be inspected, so that non-toxic.

Girl with Flower Tattoo

Girl ,Flower TattooTeen girl with pink flower design tattoos in the body section.
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